by Rraath

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released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Rraath Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

One man band from PA

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Track Name: Artificial Certainty
we don't fit in your perfect world
what makes you the ones who can rip our lives away ?
keep the machines your lives depend on
we will not let our hearts decay

eyes blind to what lies around them
minds wait to have their essence condemned
all to feed their masters hunger
from this path they can never stray

this horror silently waits
for those who consume the flame

lost will be the threads of your mind
to artificial certainty

the voice of the ancients enters your mind
slicing through your soul with a rusted blade
revealing reality to newborn eyes
witness insanity the truth of lies

echoing from the endless pit
the ancients take your life
Track Name: Illusions of Death
Feel my chainsaw tear you in half.
Organs fall from your waist,
don't scream I'll put them back.

Come forth dismembered on display,
volunteer your life,
hypnotized prepare to die.

this spike is real, a real iron headache.
Rip out your eyes, now bow before me

Montag the Magnificant

Lay down on my metal press.
Limbs securely restrained,
the machine begins.
No more gut, a hole in it's place.

My sword will slice open your throat
choke on your own blood.
Look here see my eyes,
concentrate; let me consume you.

one by one feed the fire,
the illusion of death.
the wizard of gore feeds the fire,
the death of illusion

and be consumed by fire.
Track Name: The Fall of House DeVir
Drow scouts in the dark
invisible to their mark
Heat vision fails to work
chilling spells in darkness lurks

Now ride forth, through mushroom groves.
This night's Lloth's and shall not be known

Descend the courtyard sword and spell in hand,
The Fall of House DeVir, leaves not a trace upon the land
Ascend the castle, leave not a drow alive,
implement destruction, for House Do'Urden's rise.

Zaknafein draw your swords
cutting through defensive hordes
Disrupt the ritual,
bring back the high priestess' skull.

Show them doom, burn their homes.
scorched rubble fumes, now die alone.
Track Name: Illithid Lair
Illithid, Mind Flayer.
The most evil feared monster of the Underdark.
Cast your spells, my will is strong.

Cone of mental sorcery, impending blackness will be.
Mental Blast

There will be only darkness, to those of feeble minds.
Insidious chains now bind you, wait your turn to die.
serve your masters helplessly for you are not alone.
Duergar, goblin, deep gnome slaves
serve their masters helplessly.

Mind melting Influence.
In the heart of the castle dwells their God the central brain.

A boneless lump of pulsating flesh ties their minds together in telepathic symbiosis.
Mindless slaves ease their master back to serenity

Ascend the astral plane, corporal bodies at rest.
follow the light of the silver chain.

Yochlol, I summon thee, hear my prayers:
Takken, Bres, Duis, Bres
Blood for Lloth, grant your favor
I give you my soul, bestow the spirit wraith to crush my foes
let the corpse now rise as Zin-Carla
Track Name: Throne of the Cursed King
Light is vanquished by darkness, no escape
As the ghoulish river flows brilliantly.
Groves of horror weeping blood, death awaits.
Fear is creeping closer thy cannot flee.

Decaying hordes of elven warriors,
Appear then vanish mysteriously.
The marble Tower of the Stars glimmers.
Tis the root of evil that beckons me,

A skeletal finger, holding answers.
The way of death is flooded with nightmares.

Gruesome creatures walk with hideous shapes,
Spawned from tormented minds that can only stare.

Cyan Bloodbane storms the halls of the castle
Cyan Bloodbane, Protector of the Orb

Trapped by evil lands you must face your fate,
But know it a dream, and you shall awake.
Track Name: Vengeful Dead
Ripped to shreds, born again
retrogress to grotesque flesh
become what you fear lays under your bed.

Eaten Alive By Zombies

lobotomized born dead alive
rotting teeth and bloodshot eyes.
skin everted and tendents stretched
incongruous limbs, an inhuman mess.

noxious vibrations, maniacal exhumation.
dripping guts lust for pus.
veins swell with putrid inflammation

Hunger for those left alive
eat their flesh before they die.
Eyes roll to the back of the head.
Ecstasy of the living dead.